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What is Included in Short-term Rentals?

What is Included in Short-term Rentals

Short-term rentals, such as the apartments at Docklands in Melbourne, refer to temporary accommodation options available for a limited duration, typically ranging from a few days to a few months. These rentals provide a convenient and flexible alternative to traditional hotels, offering guests a home-like experience.

While the specific inclusions may vary depending on the property and rental agreement, there are common features and amenities that are typically provided in short-term rentals. Here are some of the common inclusions:

  • Furnished Living Spaces

Short-term rentals come fully furnished, including essential furniture such as beds, sofas, dining tables, chairs, and storage units. The furnishings are designed to provide comfort and functionality during the stay.

  • Utilities

Most short-term rentals include basic utilities such as electricity, water, gas, heating and cooling. Guests can expect these services to be readily available and included in the rental price.

  • Housekeeping Services

Many short-term rentals offer regular housekeeping services to ensure cleanliness and tidiness. This may include cleaning of common areas, changing of bed linens, and refreshing towels.

  • Access to Amenities

Depending on the property type and location, guests at short-term rentals may have access to various amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centres, on-site laundry facilities, outdoor spaces, or shared common areas.

  • Wi-Fi and Cable TV

It is expected that short-term rental properties include access to Wi-Fi internet connection and cable/satellite television. These amenities allow guests to stay connected and entertained during their stay.

  • Parking

Some short-term rentals provide parking facilities, either on-site or nearby, for guests who have their own vehicles. This can be a valuable convenience, especially in urban areas with limited parking options. This can be complimentary but often attracts a daily fee.

  • Kitchen Facilities

Short-term rentals typically include a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette, which may feature appliances such as a refrigerator, stovetop or oven, microwave, dishwasher, and cooking utensils. This allows guests to prepare their meals and maintain their preferred dietary routines.

  • Linens and Towels

An essential for a comfortable stay, guests can expect short-term rentals to provide fresh bed linens, blankets, and towels for guest use. These linens are regularly changed and laundered to maintain hygiene and comfort.

It’s important to note that while these inclusions are common in short-term rentals, there may be variations depending on the specific property, rental agreement, and location. It’s advisable to carefully review the listing details and communicate with the host or property manager to clarify the specific inclusions and any additional charges or requirements.

What are the advantages of short-term rentals?

Short-term rentals offer several advantages that make them an appealing choice for travellers, such as:

  • Flexibility of Stay Duration

Short-term rentals provide flexibility in choosing the duration of your stay. Whether it’s a few days, a week, or a few months, travellers have the freedom to tailor their accommodation to their specific needs and preferences. This flexibility is especially beneficial for those with uncertain travel plans or those who require temporary lodging for a specific period.

  • Cost-Effectiveness for Extended Stays

Compared to long-term rentals or hotels, short-term rentals can be more cost-effective, particularly for extended stays. Many short-term rentals offer discounted rates for longer durations, making them a more affordable option for travellers who plan to stay for weeks or months. Additionally, short-term rentals often have lower overall costs, as they typically include utilities, housekeeping services, and amenities in the rental price, reducing additional expenses. This is perfect for short-term corporate stays and business travellers in particular.

  • Comfort and Convenience

Short-term rentals provide the comfort and convenience of a fully furnished and equipped space. They typically offer amenities like a fully equipped kitchen, living areas, and separate bedrooms, giving travellers more space and privacy compared to hotel rooms. Having access to these facilities allows guests to cook their meals, relax in a living room, and enjoy a home-like environment during their stay.

What is Included in Short-term Rentals

  • Experience Local Neighbourhoods and Culture

Short-term rentals are often situated in residential areas, providing an opportunity to experience local neighbourhoods and immerse oneself in the local culture. Staying in a residential area allows travellers to explore nearby shops, restaurants, and attractions that are popular among locals. This can offer a more authentic and immersive travel experience, allowing guests to discover hidden gems and interact with the local community.

  • Home Away from Home

For a true “home away from home” experience, short-term rentals offer a sense of familiarity and comfort. With their fully furnished and equipped spaces, travellers can settle in and make themselves at home, rather than feeling like temporary guests. This can be particularly beneficial for families, groups, or individuals who prefer a more personalized and relaxed environment.

  • Privacy and Personal Space

Compared to hotels, short-term rentals provide more privacy and personal space. Guests can enjoy the entire property or separate rooms, offering a quieter and more secluded atmosphere. This is particularly advantageous for those who value privacy or require a dedicated workspace during their stay.

To enhance your travel experience, choosing a short-term rental is a popular choice as it provides multiple advantages such as flexibility, cost-effectiveness, comfort, and a unique cultural experience, allowing you a customized stay, suited to your particular needs.

What is the difference between a short-term rental and a holiday rental?

The terms “short-term rental” and “holiday rental” are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two.

Short-term rentals encompass a broader range of temporary accommodations that are sought for various purposes, including business trips, relocations, medical stays, or vacations. They refer to temporary housing options available for a limited duration, typically ranging from a few days to a few months. Short-term rentals can cater to individuals or groups seeking temporary lodging for different reasons, providing a flexible alternative to traditional hotels.

On the other hand, holiday rentals specifically refer to short-term accommodations sought for leisure and vacation purposes. Holiday rentals are typically associated with travellers looking for temporary housing during their holidays or vacations. These rentals are specifically geared towards providing a comfortable and convenient stay for leisure travellers, offering amenities and features that enhance the vacation experience.

While holiday rentals are a subset of short-term rentals, they are specifically focused on meeting the needs and preferences of leisure travellers. These rentals are often situated in popular tourist destinations or scenic locations, offering proximity to attractions, beaches, or natural landscapes.

Briefly, short-term rentals encompass a broader range of temporary accommodations, including business trips, relocations, medical stays, or vacations. Holiday rentals, on the other hand, specifically refer to short-term accommodations sought for leisure and vacation purposes, providing a tailored experience for vacationers.

Final Thoughts

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